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Filter Presses

As part of our specialist sludge dewatering portfolio, we supply, install and maintain filter press units to meet customer’s individual needs.

Our filter press units are manufactured by TEFSA and are available in a range of sizes to suit customer’s specific requirement from small manually operated 500mm units to large fully automated 2mtr x 2mtr systems.

Filter press units are available in side bar and overhead designs with a range of plate types and materials to suit all applications which range from dairy effluent, sea weed, aggregates both new and recycled.

A variety of operating mechanisms can be used, including hydraulic, air driven hydraulic or electro-hydraulic systems, together with auto plate separation, assisted cake discharge and plate/cloth washing systems. We can often supply used/ refurbished machines ex stock if required.

Our robust and reliable filter presses are supplied to suit a range of process industries including, but not restricted to municipal, wastewater, chemical, mineral, and industrial applications to provide efficient dewatering of most types of sludge to a high level of dry solids.

Euroby also supplies Vacuum Belt and Drum Filter Presses

The presses are designed to operate in a huge diversity of processes and industries.

The service characteristics are based on continuous operation, in the optimum separated solids washing process, and in a broad particle size range application.

Different filter cloths can be installed according to specific client requirements and, in the case of the Vacuum Drum Filters, different discharge systems are available, always to suit  product conditions. All vacuum filters have easy access, m inimum mechanical wearing and diverse/appropriate construction materials for the specific working environment.

Euroby are able to define, through the corresponding testing processes and analysis, the correct calculations and dimensioning of the filtration units and requested auxiliaries. We can also arranges pilot units for application testing, process studies and dimensioning of the equipment.

Filter Press Plates

We have been suppliers of European high quality competitive filter press plates and membranes for many years in the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

Used Filter Presses for sale

We regularly have a number of used and reconditioned filter presses for sale. Our team of experts completely recondition and repair the filter press to ensure it is in the best possible condition.