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UK Mobile Dewatering Equipment

We operate a large fleet of mobile and semi-mobile dewatering and thickening decanter centrifuge, filter press and belt press machinery with throughputs of between 5m3 and 120m3/hr.

The range enables the company’s experienced operators to successfully process the most difficult of materials and solid/liquid wastes from a variety of sources including but not restricted to water, municipal (sewage), food, soil, dairy, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, brewing, animal feeds, tannery, biofuels and quarrying industries.

We can supply dewatering equipment within a short time-scale for large and difficult projects, occasionally mobilising plant on a “today” basis, often “tomorrow” and frequently within a few days.

Reliable sludge thickening and dewatering

Tough and reliable, our filter press and centrifuge rental equipment can incorporate polymer dosing systems, munchers, lime and cake mixers, odour control, sludge pasteurisation processes. They are supplied as self-contained turn-key units on a custom design trailer or on a skid which can be located within a building, portable structure or simply “outside”. Both options are designed for maximum operating efficiency and ease of maintenance complete and ready to use with all service connections and cake discharge conveyor.  The reliability of our dewatering fleet is further supported by a vast stock of essential spares and our experienced engineers and technicians on a 24/7 basis including week ends and Bank Holidays.

Depending on our customers preferred scope of supply our dewatering units can be supplied as complete processes with power supply, chemicals (polymer) and operator.

Centrifuges, disc stack separators, filter presses or belt presses are supplied on a rental or contract basis; for short-term emergency requirements, seasonal, under capacity or for cost effective solutions in long-term projects or to temporarily replace customers own dewatering and sludge treatment equipment during breakdown or planned maintenance.  Our mobile dewatering units make short work of lagoon emptying and digester cleaning or simply satisfying our customer’s continuous production requirements.

Specifically designed equipment is also available for unique applications including oily wastes and ATEX rated environments.

Low operating costs for wastewater management

As an owner, operator and supplier of different dewatering technologies, we can provide the best and lowest cost technology to suit specific applications. 

Our customers are not locked into “whatever technology is available”.  Our fleet of mobile centrifuges are all of modern design – high pressure machines, electrically and mechanically efficient whilst our filter presses have the advantage of the latest polypropylene filter plates for maximum particle separation and fast cycle times.

Our strategy is to maximise savings to our clients by continuously updating, renewing and expanding our dewatering rental equipment with the most efficient technology available.  As a consequence Euroby utilises decanter centrifuges which provide operational cost savings of up to 30 % whilst maximising solid/liquid separation efficiency.  Coupled with lower investment costs we believe our centrifuges have the best price/performance ratio in the market – both sales and rental customers directly benefit from this initiative.

If you are considering purchasing your own equipment why not try before you buy.  Euroby’s Sales Team will offer favorable purchase terms following or during a rental or trial.

If you need mobile dewatering in the UK or Ireland contact Euroby for more details.

Call us on 01903 69 44 00 to discover how our mobile dewatering service can help you with your wastewater sludge thickening and dewatering